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Why us


We have 5 world-class brands that are among the best in value, innovation, and service

Tailored to individual filmmakers in the media booming era where your creativity should not be limited by how your gear is designed. So we have come up with an extensive line of accessories including camera rigs, camera accessories, cables, power options and small bits and parts to build your camera package into a production ready tool!

0-Delay wireless video system is the secret weapon on any modern day production sets! Proven successful Wireless Video Transmission kits that outperformed all mainstream wireless video systems and costs half of its competitors! Capable of multi-camera transmission up to 8+ cameras on set with no limit on pairable receivers.

Boasts a selection of products that are specifically designed to work best for Camera rental houses, set lighting rental houses and professional filmmakers. Featuring the popular handheld monitor rig and 48VDC Skypower backplate for Skypanels to be battery-operated and full intensity. Our new GloStick is taking lighting to the next level.

Expert of cinema powering and battery solutions ranging from 7V-28V in any shape of form, NPF, BP, V mount Gold mount we have them all. Partnering with TRIGYN to come up with the one and only 48VDC battery-powered backplate for Skypanels that will enable the fixture to output 100% intensity without any limitations. On top of that, the specialty 4A quad fast charging station gets your specialty 24V/26V/28V batteries juiced up in no time!​

The latest addition to the Hypermedia family that focuses on color critical field monitors, daily and post production monitors. Providing better value at a much more affordable price point. If you are in the market for a reference monitor, color grading monitor, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to check out the KONVISION line that has been the exclusive monitor choice for multiple European and Asian networks for their 4K/8K OB trucks.