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Rig DSLR / Universal Rig Kit


Do I need a rig kit for my DSLR video?

Yes, if you want to create content that brings you attention and value, you should invest in a rig that will allow you to boost the stability and flexibility of your filmmaking style by providing a professional foundation to work on.

Why is it important to have a good DSLR Camera Rig?

A professional camera rig, or just a good camera rig, provides stability to the operator as well as a handful of other advantages. Such as accessory mounting options that allows you to rig up the camera to include audio and video accessories. On top of that, it gives operators a comfortable platform to work on for hours and hours every day.

What are some key benefits of camera rigs?

Accessory mounting options, stability, comfort and good build quality on top of its affordability. LanParte offers it all.

Where should I start, or what should I consider when buying a DSLR rig?

Although it’s possible to shoot a good video with only a camera and lens, a lot of filmmakers need additional camera accessories such as monitors or external recorders to build it out to a stable and accessorized rig.
However, the basic DSLR shoulder rig usually comes with a baseplate, shoulder support, and 15mm rods, but any details may vary from rig to rig. On our website, for each rig, you’ll see:

  • Description
  • Specification
  • What's Included

Make sure to read all and gather information, but also don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any additional questions or need a recommendation that is tailored to your gear or a specific type of shooting style. Our friendly customer service will be happy to help!

What types of camera rigs are out there?

There are handheld rigs, studio rigs, shoulder rigs, run and gun rigs and bulldog rigs. You should find what works best for your workflow and your most frequent style of shooting and decide what parts you need that can be configured into different rigs. We offer more than 200 items that will easily build into a dozen of universal rigs.

Why Lanparte?

We only work with brands that we personally have confidence in and we’ve brought the best we could find. Our trusted partner - Lanparte and their great team, have years of experience in developing and producing high-quality video photographic gear and DSLR rig accessories with multi-functional and ergonomic design. Apart from the rigs, you can also choose à la carte from over 300 items available in Lanparte’s product mix covering all categories that you could think of when it comes to camera accessories.

If you are looking for the latest technology that really makes the difference, you are just in the right place!

Would the rig be suitable for my camera?

Depending on the DSLR rig you are looking for! However, most rigs are designed to be universal and will work with multiple types of cameras unless it is specifically designed for certain cameras. Below each product, you’ll find the Specification-section that contains details about 15mm rod support rig, shoulder support, battery, lens protection case specifications, and much more.
In case there’s anything else that you’d like to know - feel free to contact us!

What should I consider before finding the right Universal DSLR Rig Kit?

You need to know your budget and the most frequent style of shooting.

What's the best rig for beginners?

The best would be our compact camera rigs such as the SCR-01 and SCR-02.

Do you have the rig that fits both Sony a7 and Panasonic GH5 cameras?

Yes, both Lanparte Mirrorless Camera Basic Kit and Lanparte Mirrorless Camera Basic Cage will work for Sony a7 or Panasonic GH4, GH5 cameras. And there are also cages and special rigs available for these popular camera lines.

Will a longer handle on a camera rig help stabilize better?

You want handles to fit your ergonomics and still provide comfort. With Lanparte there are multiple handle and grip choices that are adjustable and will fit all types of people. Take a look at what we got and if you can’t make up your mind, our professional staff is always here to help!

Which is the best camera rig for 360-degree video?

Lanparte has the one of a kind handheld gimbal stabilizer for your 360 VR action cameras called the OWL.

How durable are your rig kits?

All our rig kits and parts come with 1 year warranty and they are built with aircraft grade aluminum so with proper care and use, you are looking at a lifetime of investment in our rigs.

What camera rig do you recommend for YouTube creators?

Our strong suit is indie filmmakers! YouTubers love us because we have the most versatile rigs available in the market. LanParte carries specific rigs for popular Youtube Cameras as well as universal parts that you can put together for your own setup!

Will I get a rig kit guide along with the product?

Yes most of our rig kits come with manuals but you can also be creative and build it the way you want to.

How much does the shipping cost for the rig kit I want to order?

We offer free shipping in the USA for all rig kits since they are all priced at $100+ which is our free shipping requirement.

Still have questions?

Simply call us at +1 (949) 916-8890 or drop us a line. Our 24/7 support on the phone and online is here for customers of every level!

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© Copyright 2021 Hypermedia International Inc.

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