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Zero Latency Wireless Video


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Latency refers to the delay that occurs between input and output. Latency can be caused by several factors, such as distance, network congestion or a device’s processing power. It can be measured in milliseconds (ms) or seconds, depending on how large the distance is that your data travels.

Zero latency video transmission is the process of transmitting a video while it’s being recorded. This allows you to watch something in real time without any delay, even if there are many users connected.

Interframe compression refers to the idea that consecutive frames of a video can be analyzed using statistics and information from previous frames. This results in significantly smaller file sizes for individual images, which is especially useful when encoding large files with high frame rates or resolutions.

The line-of-sight range is the distance that your wireless device can transmit to a wireless access point.

– One and only multi camera master capable of handling up to 8+ cameras transmitting wireless
– True line-of-sight range 3000+ft
– Pass through time code, flags, and metadata
– Gold mount/ V-mount

Transmitters and receivers are similar. Both send and receive information, it’s just that transmitters broadcast their signal to everyone who can hear them, while receivers only pick up signals that they’re looking for.