TRIGYN Wireless Best APEX 5G1K Zero Latency FHD Wireless Video Transmission Kit (1Transmitter/ 1Receiver) for Broadcasting, Filmmaking

• Fixed channel operation zero latency for optimal stability, instant pairing and reconnection
• Professional SDI/HDMI connectors with cross conversion feature
• 1000ft stable line of sight transmission
• SONY L series battery powered PLUS DC powered
• Been tested on professional sets such as FOX Lethal Weapon, Netflix The Politician




The TRIGYN Wireless Zero Latency-

About the Product:


APEX 5G1K Zero Latency Wireless Video Transmission Kit enables you to transmit 1080p 60fps uncompressed HD video and audio up to 1000ft / 330M, roughly doubles the range our competitors offer at the same price point. APEX 5G1K features both HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs and outputs, 10-bit 4:2:2 video and options to work at ten frequencies. A multicasting function allows you to transmit feed to 4 receivers at the same time. HDMI- SDI cross conversion and AES encryption functions are also featured.

Zero Latency Wireless Video Transmission Kit


The entry level model 5G1K starts with a 1000 foot range, though those numbers should be treated as a general guideline no matter who the manufacturer is. Radio performs much differently in a wide open field than it does in an enclosed set, for instance. Shooting car-to-car in the country? 500 feet or more will be your range, and you’ll get a connection up to 1000′ though it might have some breakdown and go in and out. Shooting on a small stage and hoping to monitor from a spot a few stages away, with multiple walls in between? The signal might not make 200 feet. But that applies to a Teradek or a TRIGYN alike.


The Trigyn price point is very reasonable for what it offers. While saving money is important, it’s only worth saving money if the equipment works—in this case, whether or not you are capable of delivering the video signal you need during a complicated production and ensure that the director or client can see the shot and give their feedback. In NoFilmSchool’s tests, both in a lab environment and in the field, the TRIGYN 5G1K performed admirably. It never lost signal, even while working in complicated, difficult, radio heavy downtown New York locations, and it remained easy to work with throughout.


Performance Test Video-

Tech Specs:

  • 60fps 1080p signal
  • 10bit video
  • 4:2:2 chrome
  • 2-pin battery
  • Sony NP battery plate option
  • Multi-cast to 4 receivers
  • AES 128bit Encryption
  • HDMI-SDI cross conversion
  • Milled aluminum body
  • TX: 9.6 oz weight.  RX: 12.5 oz weight
  • 3G-SDI and HDMI
  • 7W power draw (approximate)
  • Connect up to 1000′, stable up to 500′


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