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Universal matte box


Two filter stages (one is rotatable ) 1x4*5.65 filter holder 1x109mm round filter holder which

Lens Clamp Adapter(136mm)


Compatible lens: Lenses with 136mm barrel fronts For Lens with 136mm Outer Lens Barrel Thumbscrew-Tightened

Lanparte Mini Matte Box with Single 4 x 5.65″ Filter Slot


Compact single rod mount and clamp on design Articulating rod mount arm Single 4"x 5.65"

Lanparte Mini 15mm C arm of MB-02


15 mm C-arm holds matte box onto 15 mm rods 2 Tightening knobs

Lanparte Matte Box, V2


Fits Lenses up to 150mm O.D. Carbon Fiber Construction Two Rotating 4 x 5.65" Filter

Lanparte Matte Box


Fits Lenses with 100mm Max Front O.D. ABS Plastic Construction Two Rotating 4 x 4

LanParte Hard Matte Set for UMB Matte Box (5-Pack)


Compatible with ARRI LMB-25, LMB-15, LMB-5, and MB-19 matte boxes Mask finish on the camera