VAXIS 5.8GHz Wireless Video Universal One-Click Wireless Spectrum Analyzer


1 Click Operation Simple to Navigate Multiple System Compatibility - Works with All 5.8Ghz Wireless

TRIGYN Modular Director’s Monitor Kit (Single)


Single Monitor Director Handheld Rig Battery Cheese Plate Gold Mount Battery Plate For Single Universal

TRIGYN Modular Director’s Monitor Cage (Dual)


TRIGYN GEAR Modular Handheld Monitor Rigs Dual  Available for rent at KESLOW Camera and Panavision

TRIGYN GEAR Dual Monitor Director Kit Cage with Gold Mount 8-Port Power Distro Box


Central 8 port power distro (4x 2pin lemo/ 4xptap) + master switch Fit all monitors and receivers in

Trigyn Gear Dtap to ARRI Standard 2-pin LEMO Power Cable (21″)


D-Tap to 2-Pin LEMO-Type Power Device or Camera from D-Tap Source LEMO 0B-Type Connector 21"

Trigyn Gear Dtap to 2 Dtap Y Cable Splitter Power Cable (21″)


Split 1 Dtap power supply to 2 Dtap outputs. 21" in length

TRIGYN GEAR Director Kit Single Cage with V Mount Battery Plate


V-Mount Battery Plate Lightweight and sturdy design Universal mount for any monitor

TRIGYN GEAR Director Kit Single Cage with Gold Mount Battery Plate


Universal mount for any monitor Lightweight and solid aluminum build

Trigyn Gear Director Kit Hand Grip (each)


Comfortable Rubber Grips Solid and Lightweight Aluminum Build

Trigyn Gear Director Kit Cheese Plate for Battery Plate Mounting


Cheese plate suitable for mounting a battery plate to your director's kit