VAXIS 5.8GHz Wireless Video Universal One-Click Wireless Spectrum Analyzer

  • 1 Click Operation Simple to Navigate
  • Multiple System Compatibility – Works with All 5.8Ghz Wireless Video Systems
  • Dual Scan Modes- Static Scan for Simple Wireless Setups or Dynamic Scan for Real Time Wireless Signal Readings
  • Multiple Power Solutions- AA or USB Power
  • Handheld Size, Perfect for Scouting & On Set Troubleshooting




VAXIS 5.8Ghz Wireless Video Scanner is a step up version of the original scanner and this time it does not only scan VAXIS frequency plan but also all the major players plans out in the market! It does not matter if you have a Teradek, Paralinx or even a Hollyland, whenever you have a need on set to scan clean channels to operate in the VAXIS wireless spectrum analyzer is your best choice!


No more guessing which channel is clean and which is congested, this scanner will be able to give you an idea about the RF signals in the environment and how you can plan your wireless video transmissions accordingly!

The brand new VAXIS channel scanner offers multiple frequency band scans that will cover DFS, which is what the most common wireless video devices used on set at the moment by Teradek and Paralinx. On top of that it also scans fixed channel systems such as our own VAXIS, Hollyland (Slingshot, WVC, CineGear Ghosteye 150) and CVW. The VAXIS channel scanner is a one-click control device that easily displays which channels you want to stay on and which you want to avoid. This can be done all with a simple scan! The user interface is designed so that most people can easily navigate, and it is as straightforward as it could be.


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