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Offset Camera Plate for Ronin-S


BMPCC 4K Mounting Plate for Gimbal For DJI Ronin-S Sliding Dovetail Plate Millimeter Scale for

Monopod V-lock plate


Lightweight V-Lock Plate for Camcorders Compatible with VCT-14 Type Adapters Enables Shoulder Use When Mounted

Lanparte V-Mount Shoulder Support, V2 (Manfrotto 501 version)


V-Mount Lock Quick Release System Mountable on VCT-14 Adjustable Rod Height

Lanparte V-Mount Shoulder Support


Dovetail Quick Release Baseplate Allows Locking and Unlocking of Plate Allows Back-and-Forth Camera Movement Attaches

Lanparte Lightweight Shoulder Support


Compact shoulder support Quick release camera plate compatible with Manfrotto 501 standards Ergonomic design for

LanParte FANS Series Cage Baseplate


15mm LWS System (11.8" Rods Included) Quick-Release Arca Swiss Dovetail Plate

LanParte dovetail quick release baseplate with 501 plate


Rod Locks 85 mm distance from rod center to lens 501 plate QR release

Lanparte Chest Pad


Angle adjustable via ARRI rosette Ergonomic design Lightweight at 0.9 lb

Lanparte Bridge Plate (Manfrotto 501 version)


15mm Rod Baseplate 1.6" of Height Adjustment Quick-Release Camera Plate 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 Camera Screws

LanParte Bottom Dovetail Plate for FS5 Series Camera with VMS-02 Shoulder Support


Dovetail Plate for FS5 Series Camera Compatible with VMS-02 Shoulder Support

Lanparte Shoulder Support


Ergonomic design Compatible with 15mm rod systems Power supply system can be mounted on it

EVA1 Bottom Dovetail Plate for Shoulder Support


Dovetail Plate for EVA1 Camera Compatible with VMS-02 Shoulder Support

Bottom Dove-Tail Plate 200mm 8″


Fits All ARRI Standard Bridge Plates 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 Threads Stopper Screw Safety Latch