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Products currently up for sponsorship and reviews:

Let’s collaborate! You could get sponsored with a LANPARTE Mini Matte Box or Mini Follow (value $199) if you are selected!

  • Active role in your industry(Youtube, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Filmmaking, etc.)
  • Experience with camera rigs or similar products to what we carry
  • Active following on your main platform and other social media accounts
  • Filming schedule that allows for sponsored content to be released on time
  • Willing to provide and post content that is outlined by Hypermedia Intl. and it’s affiliate companies(VAXIS, Trigyn, LanParte, etc.)
  • Will be considered priority in future sponsored marketing collaborations
  • Chance to work with the latest tech in the industry
Qualified applicants will be selected for sponsored gear, currently participating product will be announced on top of this page. In return, the selected influencers will be assigned videos and social media posts. Affiliate links will be used for audience to purchase these products and the influencer will be able to earn up to 8% commission for product sale through.

Those who applied but not selected, may still be eligible to get a press loaner for 1 week to create sponsored content such as but not limited to product comparisons, unboxings, field tests, BTS footage and testimonials. Affiliate program to earn commission is also eligible.

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Explore All 10Web Premium Features,
Use Drag & Drop Editor Based on Elementor.
Explore All 10Web Premium Features,
Use Drag & Drop Editor Based on Elementor.