VAXIS STORM 3000 V Mount Sandwich Tx (Integrated Power Passthrough Plate)

  •  Comes in FCC approved 5 Channel mode and can open up to 20 Channel mode with international firmware
  • Multi camera master, can handle 8+ cameras transmitting in the same area (20 Channel Mode)
  • True line-of-sight range 3000+ft, beats Bolt 3000XT
  • Pass through time code, flags and metadata
  • V mount
  • Recessed connector ports for durability
  • Smart/ Manual fan speed control
  • Future firmware upgrade for encryption
  • Zero-latency mode and Alexa Instant playback mode


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Reviewed by No Film School, Tested by Alternative Rental, Congo Films, Keslow Camera, Panavision, VER and proved to have unparalleled  performance.

The one and only Tx equipped with CNC integrated pass through battery mount, not just slapping on plastic battery plates.

* Supports Multi camera transmission up to 8+ cameras

World’s First V Mount Sandwich integrated passthrough battery plates on zero-latency system. We are not just slapping a couple plastic battery plates on it and call it passthrough. All V Mount plates are integrated into the chassis to keep the sleek design and compact form factor! For years, top players in motion pictures and broadcasting have been requesting a true passthrough solution where users can easily have in-lined configuration and not worry about mounting, we have heard it and now we are coming strong with the STORM 3000 DV series to answer to the calls!

STORM 3000 the only solution for top productions doing multi-camera (more than 4) shoots. Its exceptional performance has been tested on set at FOX’s Lethal weapon TV series, Netflix The Politician and is been reviewed by industry veteran 1st AC James Rydings to be best for modern day multi-camera shoots. If used with MIMO antenna array, range can be boosted up to more than a mile. It is also compatible with all STORM line devices to provide a professional package for top ACs and DPs!

Range/ Transmission

True line-of-sight range is tested at 3000+ft stable and will pass through flags, timecode and metadata. The STORM 3000 is a real workhorse that targets rental market and high-end shows, features because of its extreme durability and ability to be used with 8+ cameras transmitting wireless feed at the same time. If users wish to optimize their transmission stability, a VAXIS spectrum analyzer can be used to tell channel plans that best suit your location shoot.

Durable Exterior Design

The STORM 3000 is a brand-new design. The recessed ports prevent the most common damage on sets, dropping. I/O ports and switch are on the same side making the unit a lot more accessible and provides better flexibility when rigging. Its low-profile design makes it the best company for Russian arm, jib, crane and Steadicam works.

OLED Info Readout

With the high bright OLED display, users will have access all information that are crucial to making a shoot possible. From battery voltage, video formats, channel, fan speed, transmission mode and transmission strength.