Experience a 10kWh portable power station with LiFePO4 reliability, rapid charging, and over 2,500 lifecycles, designed for optimal performance in diverse conditions.

1 Year Warranty

UPS Feature with
EcoVault 5050

2500 Charging Cycles

Fully Charges in 5 Hours

10kWh LiFePO4 Chemistry

Eco-Conscious Production

All-Terrain Portability

Two 125VAC 10A Adapters
with LP25/3-Pin Connectors

EcoVault 5050 & EcoVault APU-10K


Flexibility Redefined:

Say goodbye to big fixed power-rated gas generators. The EcoVault 5050 allows seamless augmentation of multiple units in 5kW increment scalability to meet power demands.

Extending Battery Capacity with EcoVault APU-10K:

Break free from limited battery capacity. The EcoVault 5050, with the EcoVault APU-10K integration, achieves an extended battery capacity of 10kWh (increment), ensuring a robust and reliable power solution.

Eco-Conscious Innovation:

Go beyond conventional generators. The EV 5050 is not just a powerhouse; it's an eco-friendly, electric marvel, aligning seamlessly with sustainable practices and reducing your carbon footprint.

Portability Perfected:

Eliminate logistical challenges and reduce costs. The EcoVault 5050's compact design ensures effortless transportation without the need for cumbersome trailers. With four 8-inch pneumatic casters and handles on all four sides, the EcoVault 5050 is designed for easy handling.

UPS Feature with EcoVault APU-10K


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