The Entertainment Industry's Environmental Impact

In a 2021 study done by the Sustainable Production Alliance, it was revealed that big budget films produced an average total of 3,370 metric tons of carbon footprint. The report has also shown that across all feature films from small to tentpole productions, the biggest contributor of carbon footprint is fuel that is mainly used in vehicles and generators.

HyperPower's Initiative

In cooperation with the Green Partnership initiative and the Sustainable Production Alliance, our goal is to lessen the overall environmental impact of the entertainment industry by offering products that provide solutions to green energy and zero emissions revolutionizing an eco-friendly workflow to film and event productions.

Say goodbye to noisy and polluting generators and bring environmentally safe generators anywhere on sets.


6.5KW AC Inverter

60A/100A Bates In/Output

All Terrain Portability

1 Yeat Warranty

Eco-Concious Production

3000+ Charging Cycles

1.5Hr Fast Charging

Solar Powered Connections

It only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge PowerVault 6510
Here’s how it works:
Sustainable Production Alliance
The Sustainable Production Alliance (SPA) is an association dedicated to advocating sustainable practices with collaborating members from the biggest film, television, and streaming companies such as Disney, Fox Corporation, NBC Universal, Paramount, and Warner Bros. The SPA aims to reduce the overall environmental impact of the entertainment industry.

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