6″Magic Arm

  • Friction adjustment
  • Payload up to 4KG


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The magic arm is articulating arm used to mount video and film accessories such as on-board monitors, sound recorders andlights to rigs. The length of the arm is 6 inches. What you’ll appreciate the most about the Magic Arm is its Friction Resistance technology feature that keeps a tension applied when the knob is loosened a little bit, allowing to make adjustments to the angle of the arms with the handle while keeping the monitor position secure. The articulating armis structured inside with a special design to give them strength and allow themto hold more weight.

The magic arm can be mounted with optional quick-release monitor adapter which comes with a stage to prevent turning for monitor. The quick release design makes the setup and tear-down on shoots much quicker and easier. It allows user to quick connect and disconnect various types of accessories without the need to screw them on and off every time.