Basic Handle Kit for AU-EVA1 Camera

  • Extension Arm
  • 10″ Magic Arm
  • Pair of Rosette Handgrips
  • V-Mount Battery Pinch


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The LanParte Handle Kit for Panasonic AU-EVA1 Camera includes the AU-EVA1 extension arm, a 10″ magic arm, a rosette handgrip pair, a V-mount battery pinch, a DC power cable, an EVF extension arm, a dual-rod clamp with rosettes, two 15mm aluminum rods, a V-mount shoulder pad, and a top cheese plate for the AU-EVA1 camera.

The rosette handgrip pair enables two-handed support of the camera and allows for height and angle adjustment. The extension arm handle allows you to position the handgrip farther away from the camera to make operation more comfortable. The built-in LANC cable on the extension allows you to maintain the use of all the original handgrip’s controls. The monitor extension arm allows you to extend and reposition the EVF for increased viewing comfort. The dual rod clamps are equipped with ARRI standard rosette adapters on both sides and allow you to attach and adjust rosette-mount handgrips on your shoulder rig.

The top cheese plate, aluminum rods, and the magic arm allow for easy rig expansion. The V-mount shoulder pad provides a comfortable platform for the rig to rest on your shoulder and the sliding baseplate allows you to properly balance the camera after attaching it to the plate. The camera kit is equipped with a DC power cable and V-mount battery pinch to provide power to your camera.

LanParte Rosette Handgrip (Pair)

This Rosette Handgrip pair from Lanparte enables two-handed support with any camera, baseplate, or accessory with ARRI standard rosettes. Each handle features a non-slip rubber grip and a short extension arm that lets you position the handle at the desired height and angle.

  • CNC macnined aluminum construction
  • ARRI standard M6 thread
  • Rubber grip

LanParte VBP-01 V-Mount Battery Pinch

Power your camera rig with the LanParte VBP-01 V-Mount Battery Pinch. Featuring multiple power outputs and an integrated HDMI splitter, this unit provides effective power and video signal management. Three barrel jacks provide 12, 7.4, and 5 VDC of power output to different rig components, while a USB output is available for charging your mobile or wireless device. A barrel jack power input can charge the battery while tethered. Using the integrated 15mm LWS rod clamp, this battery plate can be mounted onto the rear of a shoulder rig. Having the device in this configuration allows you to use it and the battery as a counterweight for an otherwise front-heavy rig.

Battery charging input
Built-in HDMI splitter
15mm rod connectors
USB charging port for mobile devices
Can be mounted to the back of the rig as counterweight

LanParte DC Power Cable for Sony FS5 Cinema Camera

Use this DC Power Cable from LanParte to provide power to your Sony PXW-FS5 camera via the LanParte V-Mount Battery Pinch (available separately). The cable can also be used with any device accepting 12V power through a 2.1 x 5.5mm port.

Allows the use of longer-running V-Mount batteries with the Sony PXW-FS5
Works with the LanParte V-Mount battery adapter
Compatible with any 12 VDC device with a 2.1 x 5.5mm port

LanParte EVF Extension Arm for Sony PXW-FS5

This LanParte EVF Extension Arm for the Sony PXW-FS5 allows you to extend and reposition the EVF for increased viewing comfort. No tools are necessary; the arm attaches to the camera’s original EVF mount via a thumbscrew. Its rotatable design allows it to be positioned at multiple angles, and it slides to extend the EVF up to 4″ from the mount. This lightweight arm is constructed from black-finished aluminum.

Rotatable design increases viewing-angle options
Extends the EVF up to 4″ from its original mounting position
Thumbscrew enables quick, tool-free installation
Installs on the camera’s original EVF mount
Made from lightweight black-finished aluminum

LanParte Dual Rod Clamp with Rosettes

Offering ARRI-standard rosette adapters on both sides, this 15mm rod compatible Dual Rod Clamp, from Lamparte, allows you to attach and adjust rosette-mount handgrips on your shoulder rig. The rosette adapters are 60-tooth ARRI-standard compatible and made of steel.

LanParte 15mm Aluminum Rod (Pair, 9.8″)

Mount accessories to your rig with this pair of 9.8″ 15mm Aluminum Rods from Lanparte. This rod set is extendable via integrated 12mm threading on the rod ends, allowing for separately available extension screws to be used to mount more threaded rods.

Extendable with optional LPT-V2-059 Screw
Anodic oxidation surface treatment
Glossy finish