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TRIGYN chEZball Modular Top Handle Extension Ball with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 Mounts and ARRI Accessory Mounting Interface

  1. Optimized compatibility with any ARRI accessory mounting interface
  2. Extends top handle and provides more grip for Run & Gun, Handheld use
  3. ARRI accessory mounts for anti-twist with 1/4-20 step down inserts
  4. Strong enough to provide extra grip for the whole camera rig
  5. Provides multiple mounting angles and points without having to waste any top handle space
  6. Stackable design that allows you to make a customizable length handle out of it

Patent Pending



chEZball Top Handle Extension

is designed and manufactured by TRIGYN and is aimed to bring versatility to just about any camera rigs that have the ARRI accessory mounting pattern. The ARRI accessory mounting pattern consists of a 3/8-16 mounting point and dowel pins for locating and preventing twist from happening.

We have noticed that professional filmmakers gravitate to this professional pattern but we also include 3/8-16 to 1/4-20 step down bushings so that 1/4-20 screw accessories can also be used on the chEZball.

It is designed to expand the real estate on your top handle as well as giving all your accessories a dedicated mounting point that don’t interfere with camera operating or taking up valuable space on you top handles. You can simply install the ball to any ARRI accessory mounts by using the captive screw and tool provided.

Check more TRIGYN chEZball in action