LanParte Monitor Rotation Bracket with Cold Shoe Mount

– Monitor mount

– Monitor tilts forward and backwards

– supports 4.0 kg

– tiny lightweight solution

– resistance adjustable


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The Monitor Rotation Bracket with Cold Shoe Mount is designed to mount a monitor on a camera by sliding the cold shoe into the camera or cage. The bracket has a tiny body but can hold up to 4.0 kilograms(8.8 Pounds!). The bracket can be easily adjusted forwards or backwards 180 degrees. It also can rotate 360 degrees. To make adjustments use the included Allen-wrench.

The camera operator fastens the cold shoe to the camera or cage then the monitor is attached to the bracket with the ¼-20 set screw on the top providing a secure mount on top of the camera. The cold shoe has a ¼-20 hole on the bottom. It can hold other accessories as well