Lanparte OWL Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabiliser 360° VR Camera


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Shoot smooth 360° video with the Lanparte LA3D-VR01 Handheld Gimbal.

This gimbal has been specifically designed for use with 360° cameras that feature dual lenses.

The unique design places the silent motors out of sight of the camera lenses, meaning that in most cases, the gimbal will be invisible to the camera itself. Please note that the gimbal handle will become visible if held horizontally.

Lanparte’s new design gimbal is also lacking the traditional counterweights included in most gimbal stabilisers, providing a much lighter feel that’s more comfortable to handle for longer periods of time. The lack of counterweights also makes this gimbal much easier to use right out of the box.

The gimbal handle features three versatile functions: Following, Semi-Following and Locking which you can easily switch between using the function button on the controller. There’s also a reverse mode for low-angle shooting.

You can pan, tilt and roll the gimbal, with pan and tilt being available at the same time, from a short distance using the detachable wired controller. You can even attach the gimbal to a boom pole using the 1 meter wired control cable, giving you the functionality of a mini jib, without the additional cost.

The kit includes the gimbal (head and handle), a battery charger, a charging cable to provide power to your camera (Please note that the camera must feature a 5pin USB B Port for this to work), a 1-meter cable for wired control, and 2 x 18350 Li-ion batteries.

This item comes supplied in a padded carry case, allowing you to transport and store the item safely and easily.