Lanparte Shoulder Support

  • Ergonomic design
  • Compatible with 15mm rod systems
  • Power supply system can be mounted on it
  • A standard Height Raiser Clamp is included
  • Compatible with Offset Clamp and Adjustable Offset Clamp (sold separately)
  • Hollow design makes unit lightweight at 21.9 oz
  • Precision CNC machined


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Carry your rig on your shoulder by incorporating this Shoulder Support from Lanparte. Using dual 15mm clamps, the Shoulder Support secures to 15mm LWS rigs. A riser clamp is included for height adjust-ability. The shoulder pad is arced to comfortably sit on your shoulder for long periods of time. A pair of 15mm rods are also included in order to more easily incorporate this shoulder plate into your existing rig or extend it further back to fit more accessories.