Lanparte UltraThin V-Mount Battery Pinch

  • Smart charging function
  • V-mount lock
  • 15mm Rod connectors
  • Can be mounted to the back of the rig as counter-weight


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The VBP-02 V-Mount Battery Pinch from Lanparte is a multi-function power adapter. You can mount a V-Mount battery as your power source, or connect the unit to AC power via the included power adapter. The VBP-02 features multiple DC outputs (5, 7.4, 12, 15V, and a D-Tap), enabling you to power multiple devices simultaneously. The Battery Pinch also features two 15mm rod connectors, allowing you to mount it to an existing rig. The DC barrel charger input allows you to charge the mounted battery. The VPB-02 works best in conjunction with the Shoulder Pad; these two items attached to your rig serve as a counter-balance weight.