Lanparte URSA mini Extension Arm

  • Designed for the URSA Mini
  • Fully adjustable 2″ Arri-style rosette extension included
  • Built-in 3-pin LANC cable maintains all handgrip controls
  • Adds approximately 1′ to the handgrip length, and 2″ to the baseplate width
  • Aluminum construction


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This LanParte Extension Arm is specifically designed to work with the original handgrip of the URSA Mini and a baseplate or shoulder rig (available separately). It allows you to position the handgrip at an extended distance from the camera, increasing the overall stability of the rig and making operation more comfortable. The extension arm adds almost 1′ of length to the handgrip, and the included Arri-style rosette extension can be used to add just over 2″ distance from the side of the camera rig. The rosette connection allows the arm to be positioned at whatever angle you prefer. This arm features a handily incorporated LANC cable, allowing you to maintain use of all the handgrip’s controls.