LanParte Z CAM E2-S6/F6/F8 camera cage with R/S LANC top handle

  • Designed for Z CAM E2-S6/F6/F8
  • Manfrotto 501 compatible camera plates
  • Cage with R/S LANC top handle
  • R/S LANC top handle can is also compatible with Sony, Panasonic cameras


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The LanParte Z CAM cage with top handle is designed to best fit the Z CAM E2-S6/F6/F8 cameras. This cage features quick release camera plates that will allow users to free the camera from its cage effortlessly. Not only is the camera quick release plate convenient, it also is compatible with manfrotto 501 platforms.

The R/S LANC top handle has a record/stop button integrated with appropriate wiring for users to remotely start and stop recording with a click of a button on the top handle without needing to reach to the camera body.