Lanparte Zoom Controller 0.6 mode

  • Manual Zoom Controller
  • A Single 15mm Rod clamp
  • Friction adjustment
  • For Lenses with 0.6 Mod Gears


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Providing you with the ability to adjust the friction drag of zoom lenses, the Manual Friction Adjustable Zoom Controller 0.8(0.6) Mod from LanParte mounts to your 15mm support rod and engages with your lenses compatible zoom gear. The built-in friction drag adjustment allows you to increase the drag on a zoom lens, which can be helpful when making long, slow, smooth zooms.

This unit is designed for lenses that feature a zoom gear with a 0.6, which matches standard cine gears. You may also use this unit to provide friction to a cine style geared focus ring instead of using it on the zoom ring.

You can position the controller to interface with compatible geared zoom or focus rings. This is useful when working with lenses that have the extremely free rotation, such as lenses designed for DSLRs that rotate endlessly. The controller allows you to adjust the amount of drag applied, and the included “zoom stick” provides you with a lever you can use for smooth focus pulls. You can use the device to add the friction drag to your lens, and use an optional follow focus unit with your lens.