OMI Cam Wearable VR Action Camera

Experience the new way to capture 4K Virtual Reality Content by using OmiCam, Wearable VR Camera. Simply wear it and record your adventure in just one click, and then enjoy the immersive first-person view video of your moment.

  1. Wearable and lightweight
  2. Splash­proof, dust­proof
  3. Extended battery life (Up to 15hrs in Lifelog mode)
  4. Renders 4K 30fps quality video
  5. Smart Edit (One click away from producing VR highlight videos)
  6. E­Gimbal Stabilization & Patented Horizon Correction
  7. Comes with complimentary APP for preview, editing and sharing on social media
  8. Looping, Time­lapse & Lifelog recording modes


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Tired of bringing along all the gears for your adventures?! OMI Cam is an extremely innovative action camera that provides an easy and handy VR camera solution that is wearable, splash­proof, and smart. Our camera is ruggedized and born for adventures. OMI Cam also offers a great variety of mounting accessories for any kind of mountings like Biking kits, Auto/Car kits, Pet kits and the underwater housing kit for snowboarding and SCUBA diving enthusiasts.

OMI Cam weighs not much more than 3oz and can be easily wearable through the clip-on mechanism at the back of the camera. With the help of our patented Horizontal Movement Stabilization and E­Gimbal Stabilization, you can literally wear it however you want to! The technology helps provide a horizontally leveled and stable footage no matter how you mount it or even how you rotate the camera.

Not only does it provide more versatility, but it is also extremely easy to use! Simply press the record button and mount it anywhere you want! Combined with our complimentary APP that has the Smart Edit function, it automatically picks out different scenes from your whole journey and renders VR videos with an easy push of a button. On top of that, editing in your own soundtrack and texts further enhances the VR experience