POWERANGE 4A Quad Fast Charger for V-mount 26V Batteries with 48V/28VDC Output

  • Worldwide Compatible Input 100-240V AC
  • Compatible with 26V Powerange Gold-Mount Battery
  • 2 DC Output ports at 48VDC 500W Total
  • Charge 29.5V 4A
  • 10.4(L)x4(W)x7.2(H) inch
  • Weight: 5lbs


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The POWERANGE 4A Quad Fast Charger for V mount 28V Batteries with 48V/28VDC Output is a fast and extremely versatile charger unit. Not only can it charge four batteries simultaneously, it can also output either 12 to 16.8 VDC and 28 VDC at the same time it is charging your batteries. This allows you to charge your batteries while at the same time, powering your camera.

When not connected to an AC power source your batteries can be used to feed the two discrete XLR outputs on the unit. For supplying 12 to 16.8 VDC, this enables you to hot swap batteries while the power remains uninterrupted. However, for the unit to supply 28 VDC when not plugged into AC power, you must have four 14.8 V (nominal) batteries attached to the unit. The charger features support feet that help prevent it from tipping over. It includes an AC power cable, but you must source the XLR cable yourself.