TRIGYN Gold-mount 48V Battery Plate for ARRI Skypanel Plate Only

  • For ARRI S30/S60/S120-C Skypanel Light
  • Portable Form Factor
  • Runs on Two 26V (265Wh Each) Batteries
  • 48V Step-Up Transformer


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The 48V Battery Plate from POWERANGE is an on-board, battery-operated Gold Mount back plate for the ARRI S30, S60, and S120-C Skypanel softlights. The portable form factor allows the plate to mount directly on the fixture’s original accessory mount and can be used for tight spaces or location shoots where running cable is not your best option.

The SKYPOWER battery plate system runs on two separately sold 26V (265Wh each) batteries in parallel with 48V step-up transformer (530Wh total). It outputs 48V constant voltage throughout the shoot without any dimming. A quick release wedge goes on the back of the Skypanel quick release and the runtime is field tested up to 60 minutes non-stop at full output on the S60C/S120-C softlight, and up to 120 minutes on the S30-C softlight.