TRIGYN Vari-Light 3000SE 1×2 RGBW LED Soft Panel Video Light with Special Effects

  • RGB+W LEDs with Green/ Magenta Balance
  • CRI 95+/ TLCI 91+
  • 2800-9990K Color Temperature Control
  • CCT/ Color Presets
  • Special Effects
  • Hue and Saturation Control
  • Accurate Color DMX
  • 26V Battery Powered


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About the Product:


The Vari-Light RGB+W LED 2×1 Soft Lighting Panel from TRIGYN GEAR is composed of red, green, blue, and white LEDs, allowing color temperature adjustments and color adjustment of full color spectrum via Hue and Saturation controls, green and magenta compensation. The lighting panel features more than 20000 lumens of high-brightness, wide color temperature control of 2800 to 9990K, 0 to 99% dimming ability, and accurate color DMX. It can be controlled via the included remote control or an app, and comes a soft carrying case.

On top of the nice features available in normal RGB and White light modes, The 2nd generation RGB+W LED is also loaded with common color temperature presets, color presets as well as the highly sought after special effects including cop car, fireworks, club light, candle total of 8 special effects each with its own parameters that allow users to fine tune the look.