LanParte V-Mount Battery Back Pinch for LanParte FS7K-01/FS5K2-01/EVA1K2-01 Kits

  • Mounts on FS7K-01/FS5K2-01/EVA1K2-01
  • D-Tap Pass-Through (Not Regulated)
  • Charging Port
  • V-Mount
  • AC Adapter
  • Four DC-55-21 DC Cables
  • DC-35-135 DC Cable
  • D-Tap 4-Pin XLR Power Adapter Cable


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The Battery Back Pinch from LanParte is designed to mount on LanParte FS7K-01/FS5K2-01/EVA1K2-01 kits for the Panasonic AU-EVA1 and Sony FS5/FS7 cameras. It features a D-Tap pass-through port (not regulated), an AC input, a charging port, 12, 5, and 7.4/8.4 VDC barrel outputs, and a 15 VDC V-mount port. This battery pinch includes an AC adapter, four DC-55-21 DC cables, one DC-35-135 DC cable, and a D-Tap 4-pin XLR power adapter cable.