Social Distancing Solution – On Location/ Cloud Streaming

With film and TV productions coming back in California and many other parts of the country. Everyone is putting in enormous amount of efforts to keep the set safe for crew members. But video village and monitors on sets are normally clogged up with crews that will make social distancing hard! But not every production can afford to have monitors set up for each department.

On Location/ Near Location Streaming-

Hypermedia addresses this by integrating the powerful VAXIS ATOM500 APP monitoring wireless video kit to your existing zero delay system or using the standalone ATOM500 on your camera to push the camera feed to 1 ATOM500 receiver which can be hooked up to a big monitor and 3 mobile APP viewers on iOS devices. But what if you more people on set want to view it? Or what if you would like to stream the same feed to other locations for remote collaborations or network executives/ clients for monitoring purposes.

Cloud Streaming-

This can be done by hiring a live production crew with professional encoders that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, or it can also be done with only the VAXIS ATOM500 kit(kits) and your iOS mobile devices wherever there is 4G LTE signal, YES, all done on your phone! This can be achieved by utilizing the VAXIS monitoring APP and video conferencing APP such as ZOOM to broadcast the screen out to unlimited amount of viewers at the same time. 

Back-To-Work Promotion-

For limited time and quantity, get VAXIS ATOM 500 for $299 compared to regular retail price of $480 and get free skin wraps for your ATOM 500 Transmitter & Receiver as well as a free protective carrying case!

Find Out More-

Contact an authorized Hypermedia dealer today to schedule a demo and find out more details about the cool features that support workflow from home!


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