TRIGYN Vari-Light 3000SE 1×2 RGBW LED Soft Panel Video Light with Special Effects


RGB+W LEDs with Green/ Magenta Balance CRI 95+/ TLCI 91+ 2800-9990K Color Temperature Control CCT/

TRIGYN Remote Control f/Led Varilight Rgbw-3000Se/ Glostick – Nx2/ Nx4


TRIGYN Remote Control for Led Varilight Rgbw-3000Se/ Glostick - Nx2/ Nx4

TRIGYN Optics 9 Stop Variable ND Gaffer Glass


Neutral Density Range from 0.3 to 2.7 2x to 512x Filter Factor, +1 to 9

TRIGYN GloStick – NX2 / NX4 RGB+W LED Video Lighting Tube with Special Effects


4 Foot LED Tube with Hanging Loops & Clamps for Mounting Accurate Color Rendering RGB+W

TRIGYN Gear 2200C RGBW LED Video Light


RGB+W LEDs 2800-9990K Color Temperature Control Hue and Saturation Control Accurate Color DMX