Lanparte MagiC-Arm, V2

  • Holds a field monitor or any other device with a 1/4″-20 thread
  • Double 15mm rod clamp
  • Arri rosette lock attaches rod clamp to magic arm
  • Angle adjustable via rosette lock
  • The monitor clamp can slide along the arm
  • CNC machined


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The Magic Arm with Rosette Lock from Lanparte is an arm designed to hold a field monitor or another device with a 1/4″-20 thread, allowing for flexible positioning. The magic arm uses a double 15mm rod clamp (included) to mount to your rig; an Arri rosette lock and a Ninja Shuriken style knob attach the rod clamp to the magic arm. Once you secure the magic arm to your rig’s rod with the green knob, you’re ready to try the multiple positioning possibilities. Adjust the angle of the magic arm by rotating the rosette lock; rotate the rod clamp with the monitor on the magic arm; and slide your monitor right and left along the magic arm for optimum positioning.