Powerange 98Wh TSA-Friendly Mini Lithium-Ion Gold-Mount Battery

  • 98Wh Lithium-Ion Mini Battery
  • Built-In Safety Sensors
  • 4-LED Power Gauge
  • D-Tap and Mini Jack Outputs
  • USB Output
  • TSA Travel Friendly, Compact Form


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The Gold mount POWERANGE PR-AN-N98 Mini Battery is a 98Wh, lithium-ion, 14.8V mini battery. With a 98Wh capacity, this compact, lightweight battery complies with the TSA capacity limit of 100Wh or less for air travel. It features D-Tap, mini jack, and USB outputs. The PR-AN-N98 mini battery displays remaining power via a push-button 4-LED power gauge. This Gold mount battery features built-in circuitry to prevent damage from overheating, overcharging/discharging, and excessive current.