138" All-In-One Large Format LED Display Console

The HyperWall Large Format LED stands as the bigger, all-in-one solution for diverse business needs. From conferences to education and TV broadcasts, the HyperWall delivers with unmatched efficiency. It streamlines operations, boosts interactivity, and elevates the user experience.


Seamless Design Meets Superior Sound:

Dive into a top-tier audio experience with a broad 180Hz-20,000Hz frequency range, potent 2x30W power, and sharp 90DB sensitivity. Crafted with precision, our integrated audio system is tuned by professional sound engineers and powered by cutting-edge algorithms, guaranteeing every listener an unparalleled and immersive sonic journey.

Refined Design Meets Advanced Functionality:

Housed in a premium fabric cover for improved acoustics and dust protection, our device boasts energy-efficient adaptive brightness, adjusting dynamically to user activity and ambient light. The modern Type-C port, combined with state-of-the-art hardware and integrated controls, ensures superior stability and performance in various applications.

User-Friendly System for Reliable Operations:

Our device comes with pre-installed meeting software and custom apps, ensuring steady performance every time. Plus, with easy control from your mobile device through the LedConfig app, interactions become simpler ensuring efficient user engagement in various settings.

Superior High-Definition Visualization & Versatile Display Capabilities:

Leveraging a 4K@60Hz resolution that sustains an exceptional grayscale even under diminished brightness, our device epitomizes precision in detail rendering. Augmented with an advanced video processing suite, it facilitates sophisticated multi-window presentations and seamless mode transitions for various visual scenarios.


Our product holds distinguished recognitions from eminent industry bodies, attesting to its superior quality and rigorous adherence to regulatory standards, including those set forth by CE, FCC, among others.

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