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Expertly designed for enduring outdoor placements. HyperLED's Outdoor Fixed Display series exhibits compelling imagery, dynamic hues, and unparalleled robustness. Perfect for outdoor promotions, communal gatherings, and sports arenas. Amplify your exterior space with this dependable, climate-proof LED solution now.

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Robust & High Definition:

Our LED video display is one of the most robust products in the market, designed explicitly for the demanding requirements of the outdoor fixed installation sector. With high-definition clarity, it stands out in delivering crisp visuals even in challenging outdoor environments.

Lightweight Design & Structural Integrity:

Each panel is a featherweight at just 6KG, emphasizing the super light and thin architecture. Yet, despite its weight, it ensures optimum stability and performance.

Protection & Heat Management:

With an IP65 rating, the display ensures water resistance, complemented by the PG connector for added waterproof protection. The direct application of silicone to the module enhances heat dissipation, ensuring the display remains cool and functions optimally even in demanding conditions.

Flexibility & Connection Options:

A 45° chamfer on the cabinet side supports a seamless 90° connection, making the installation and integration process smooth. The KB series advances this adaptability further, offering support for curve connections, double-face applications, cube connections, and more.

Precision & Safety:

Front service availability is enhanced with a die-casting frame supporting the cabinet, ensuring precise connections. For added security, a safety lock guards against accidental drops. The inclusion of built-in cables allows for swift and hassle-free cable connections, ensuring quick setups and adjustments.


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Light & Thin: Magnalium Alloy Material

Crafted from magnalium alloy, the H-Series capitalizes on the material's strength without the added weight. Its corrosion resistance ensures longevity, while the excellent thermal conductivity optimizes performance by preventing overheating. The alloy's dimensional stability and eco-friendly nature further enhance the product's appeal. This design ensures optimal performance without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

Standardized & Serialized Design:

Featuring a standardized box of 960x960 and a module of 320x160, this design principle facilitates easy storage and maintenance, reducing both warehousing and service costs. Moreover, with a serialized design offering compatibility across pitches from 4mm to 10mm, it ensures flexibility for varied application needs.

Superior Protection & Reliability:

Designed to withstand challenging conditions, the H-Series boasts an impressive IP65 protection grade on the front and an IP54 on the rear. This ensures safety and reliability even in the most demanding climatic environments.

Efficiency & Visual Quality:

Integrating an automatic brightness adjustment and a 3840Hz refresh rate, the H-Series delivers energy efficiency without compromising on vibrant, smooth visuals.

Safety, Installation & Versatility:

Prioritizing safety, the H-Series boasts wind resistance, high-temperature resistance, and flame-retardant materials. Its installation versatility ranges from wall-mounting to column setups.

Broad Application Potential:

Perfect for diverse settings such as shopping centers, outdoor ads, and traffic screens, the H-Series stands as a prime choice for various industries.


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Superior Display & Long-lasting Performance:

Boasting a 3840Hz ultra-high refresh rate, the display ensures crystal-clear picture quality, even under bright sunlight. Its consistency ensures that the image remains sharp and vivid even after prolonged usage.

Sleek Design & Versatility:

The cabinets stand out with their ultra-light, ultra-thin design — measuring only 92mm in thickness and weighing just 32kg/m². This not only cuts down on steel and installation costs but also offers a range of cabinet sizes for versatile splicing and installation options.

Seamless Mixed Splicing:

The MPA Pro Series champions flexibility, supporting seamless mixed splicing among panels of different sizes, ensuring smooth content playback every time.

Adaptable Installation Modes:

Catering to diverse requirements, multiple installation types are available, from wall-mounted setups to hanging and stacking arrangements.

All-Weather Durability:

With an IP65 protection rating, the display is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor conditions, ensuring stable and enduring performance irrespective of the weather.

Optimized Heat Management:

The P2.6 cabinets are designed with die-casting aluminum shells, promoting superior heat dissipation and guaranteeing stable operation.

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Consistent Brightness:

The display shines bright at 5500nits, ensuring clarity even in strong sunlight. Thanks to minimal attenuation over time, the visuals remain vibrant, providing excellent value for your investment.

Energy Efficient:

The HerculesⅡ Series stands out with its energy efficiency. By utilizing a dual-channel voltage input, it consumes 40% less energy than many traditional LED displays.

Durable in All Environments:

With front and back IP65 waterproof protection and a flame-retardant aluminum cabinet, this display is built for safety and stability, even in challenging conditions.

Stunning Visuals:

The display offers high-quality visuals, thanks to a unique long-shader mask design that enhances contrast. With a high refresh rate of up to 7680Hz, viewers are treated to a smooth and immersive experience.

Sleek and Cost-effective:

Its ultra-slim and light design translates to easier installations and reduced transportation costs, making it an economical choice without compromising on quality.

Versatile Installation Options:

Hercules Ⅱ Series is designed for flexibility. It supports both front and rear installations and offers unique L-shaped splicing, ensuring adaptability to various setup needs.

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Energy-Efficient & Bright:

By integrating High-powered Common Cathode (HCC) Technology and dual-channel voltage input, power consumption drops by 15%, making the display more energy-efficient. Additionally, a brilliant brightness of up to 10000nits ensures the screen remains clear and vibrant, even in direct sunlight, making it a top choice for outdoor displays.

Superior Visual Experience:

The Hercules Series uses a patented long-shader mask design, boasting an exceptional contrast ratio and high refresh rate. This means viewers get a smoother broadcast experience with richer colors and more nuanced shading.

Sleek & Cost-Effective Design:

Lighter than traditional outdoor billboards, the Hercules Series offers structural safety without overburdening infrastructure. This sleek design not only ensures safety but also leads to savings in labor and transportation.

Convenient Maintenance:

Designed for user convenience, all components of the Hercules Series can be maintained from both the front and rear. This dual-access approach ensures hassle-free maintenance, irrespective of location constraints.

Versatile Installation Options:

The Hercules Series stands out in adaptability. It offers multiple size options, cabinet mixed assembly, and direct wall-mounting, ensuring it fits seamlessly into diverse spaces according to specific requirements.


Enhanced Visuals with Patented Mask:

Our unique mask design reduces sunlight glare and offers a clearer picture. Reinforced with glass fiber, it's built to last and resist wear.

Weather-Resistant Design:

With an IP65 waterproof rating, the display is crafted to perform brilliantly even in challenging weather conditions.

Efficient Cooling System:

Built-in cooling fans and specialized power placement ensure the display remains cool. This design not only ensures smooth operation but also prolongs the display's life.

Flexible Installation Options:

The FS panels can be installed in multiple ways, from the front or rear, allowing configurations like L-shaped or cylindrical displays. This adaptability ensures the display fits perfectly in diverse settings.

Tailored to Your Needs:

The FS Series can be customized in size, adapting to different module layouts, ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements.

Lifelike 3D Experience:

Using advanced technology, the screen supports smooth corner displays, delivering a captivating 3D visual experience without the need for glasses. This revised version is simplified for easier understanding, while ensuring all key information remains intact.


Exceptional Sports Display:

Our display is optimized with point spacings of P5 and P10mm. Housed in a sleek 960×960x145mm box that weighs just 51kg and utilizes modules of 320x320mm, it's a blend of engineering precision and aesthetic design.

Versatility in Action:

Whether it's the vibrant energy of indoor and outdoor soccer, the intensity of hockey, or the strategic plays in basketball, rugby, handball, and baseball, this display elevates every moment, tailored for diverse sports arenas.

Unrivaled Visual Experience:

Dive into visuals enriched by a combination of low brightness and high gray, ensuring every detail pops. The expansive 160° viewing angle captures attention, offering clarity even from side views and engaging spectators across the arena.

Performance Excellence:

With a high refresh rate of ≥ 3840Hz, a standout contrast ratio of 8900:1, and intricate grayscale at 65536, visuals come alive. Add to that a seamless display experience, devoid of trailing, flickering, or scan lines, ensuring every match moment is captured perfectly, even on TV broadcasts.

Safety & Adaptability:

Prioritizing player and equipment safety, the design incorporates soft protective padding on cabinets, gentle lamp face covers, and protective rubber pads. The innovative support leg enhances adaptability, allowing for quick adjustments without needing to shift the entire setup.

Weather-Ready & Maintenance-Efficient:

Designed to brave the elements with protection classes of IP65/IP54, the display remains resilient. Maintenance is a breeze, thanks to a streamlined design that facilitates easy module attachment and detachment with just 6 screws.

Emergency Preparedness:

In a world where safety is paramount, our display is ahead with integrated escape routes. Signal interruptions can be activated during emergencies, ensuring the crowd's and player's safety.


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