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Step into the future with our innovative transparent display. Beyond clear brilliance, it redefines indoor advertising and outdoor communication, sidestepping traditional outdoor ad restrictions. Embrace a new vision; choose sophistication and smart communication.

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Durability & Versatility:

Our LED transparent display screen is designed with resilience at its core. Not only is it waterproof, anti-crash, and anti-UV, but its unique display effect gives the illusion of advertisements floating on the glass wall, offering both aesthetic and advertising benefits. This robust design, combined with its light weight and easy maintenance, makes it perfect for stage events, fixed installations, and ensures long-lasting performance.

Visual Experience & Functionality:

The screen's permeability ranges between 35% – 95%, preserving the glass curtain wall's original lighting perspective. It does not interfere with the building's appearance and style, and its high transparency ensures optimal lighting and unobstructed views. This thin, transparent design blends elegance with practicality, ensuring that the quality and strength are not compromised.

Energy Efficiency:

Designed with a multi-layer PCB circuit, our material ensures even current distribution across the panel. This not only provides consistent performance but also benefits from rapid heat dissipation, making it energy efficient.

Safety & Installation:

Safety is paramount in our design. With no exposed wires, the material is both stable and secure, prioritizing user safety and providing a minimalist, streamlined appearance. Installation is a breeze, too, whether it's through bracket installation, back bar mounting/hanging, or the fast bolt-on connection. The entire screen can be set up quickly and efficiently.

Aesthetics & Impact:

The LED transparent display offers a unique visual experience. When mounted, advertisements appear suspended in the glass wall, providing a dual benefit of effective advertising and artistic impact. Whether it's about adding a touch of elegance or ensuring optimal functionality, our screen is the perfect blend of both.


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Design & Installation:

Our lightweight screen, with a thickness of just 4mm and weighing 3-6kg/㎡, can be directly attached to the glass, eliminating the need for additional steel frames. This ensures easy signal and power connections and a tidy building exterior.

Visual Experience:

With high permeability, our screen allows up to 85% light transmission and boasts a 140-degree field of view. This guarantees a consistently flawless image without compromising the lighting of the glass curtain wall.

Size & Flexibility:

Our screen offers impressive dimensions, with the largest single box size being 960mm x 1500mm and a brightness exceeding 4500CD/㎡. It's also adaptable, being bendable and cuttable to fit any glass or wall curvature, up to 3m in length.

Aesthetic & Application:

Blending seamlessly with glass curtain walls, our screen provides a modern touch to urban settings. Its design potential extends beyond traditional shapes, allowing for innovative presentations like spherical or curved forms.

Neat Presentation:

With its minimalistic design free from extraneous lines, our screen exemplifies both beauty and advanced technology.


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Optimal Clarity & Visual Experience:

With a high transmittance exceeding 90%, our product guarantees that daylighting through the glass remains unaffected. This provides unmatched clarity and viewability. Furthermore, the screen offers an expansive 160-degree viewing angle, allowing a wider audience to experience the displayed content without distortion or compromise.

Ease of Installation, Design & Versatility:

The advantages of our crystal film screen stand out distinctly: there's no complex steel structure, meaning once you plug it in, it's ready to use. This design not only makes installation and debugging remarkably convenient, but it also saves considerable time and installation costs. Embodying a light, thin, and flexible nature, our product can be effortlessly tailored—even to the surface of curved glass. This ensures versatile applications while maintaining the highest standards of aesthetics and functionality.

Durability, Safety & Longevity:

Safety is paramount in our product's design. It boasts Grade V1 flame retardant properties, ensuring robust protection in various settings. Additionally, its UV resistance is noteworthy, preventing any yellowing for over eight years. This UV-resistant quality ensures the product retains its pristine appearance and performance throughout its lifespan. The material is light and thin, and its adaptability includes the potential for arbitrary cutting, further emphasizing its durability and applicability. By integrating your information, this version emphasizes clarity, installation ease, design versatility, and the safety and durability of the product.

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